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Sweet Jesus, finals are over!! :clown: One semester left and boy am I in need of this winter break. I think I've completely lost my mind over the course of this last one. :roll CHEERS!!... Read More

  1. by   crb613
    I just took my final in med surg Thursday............It was the most brutal test I think I have ever taken! The majority of the class did not pass it.:imbar The highest grade was 88% if that tells ya anything. I passed it thank the the HESI. I just want to be done.
  2. by   Ruylupez
    Quote from lu_ann
    Sweet Jesus, yesterday was my last day as a nursing STUDENT! :hatparty: Man, it feels good to say that! Now I am just waiting to take my RN NCLEX ASAP.
    Happy winter break to all!

    I have another week as a nursing student, Two exams and my pinning next week then I get to celebrate while waiting on my paperwork to let me take the NCLEX-RN :hatparty: :hatparty:
  3. by   shock-me-sane
    i passed my first quarter with an A in clinical and a B+ (89.9%, I am begging for a rounding up to an A-) in theory.

    thank god, I get to sleep for a few weeks now