Filling out clinical data sheet

  1. Hi Everyone!

    This is going to sound so basic that it will probably come across borderline stupid!

    Tomorrow I have to turn in a clinical data sheet. Basically, as an out of class assignment we had to take TPR and B/P on 10 people and record that information. I then have to take that info and transfer it to the clinical data sheet that is used when we are in clinicals.

    The sheet has a graphing area to map out temps and below it are blocks for pulse, resp, B/P, etc. The block for B/P is the same size as the block for the others. This block is not big enough for me to write out the B/P (ex: 118/74) so my options are to turn the paper sideways and write longways across the block or somehow drop my documentation down to the second line so that on the first line it would be like 118/ and the second like 74... I have no idea which way would be considered correct... any tips???

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  3. by   Daytonite
    I would either use a fine point pen and write the B/P very small so it fit in the space. Or, write the systolic number in the box, draw a diagonal line and put diastolic number below it in the blank space area underneath.