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Hello everyone. I started school again after almost 12 years, and decided to go for Nursing. I am taking my pre reqs and have been doing well in all my classes so far, but I am taking Pre-Algebra... Read More

  1. by   grinnurse
    These feelings are normal. I would be a little worried if you were not a little worried. I went back to school after 20 years and at first it was tough trying to get down a routine and remembering how to study and all. After the first semester I got it going and you will too! Just give yourself time to get adjusted and get the kids adjusted. I also had a 7 yo dau when I first started and I got her involved when I was studying A&P. I would get her to stand in anatomical position and then name the bones, vessels, arteries, etc on her. Sometimes to make it fun for her, I would actually write on her with the body paint-she loved it and it lessened my guilt for not being able to spend more time with her.

    Then I had a surprise baby at the end of my second semester of prereqs which derailed me for a about 6 mos. of finishing prereqs and a year from nursing school. Had an unexpected close family member die, I could go on and on with the drama that I have experienced the past 4 years.......The point to this long winded story is that YOU CAN DO IT!!

    Don't give up if this is your dream. Definately find your support system b/c you are going to need them now!! I don't think you gave the ages of your children but I told my daughter when I first started back that when Mommy passed and graduated NS that we would go somewhere fun like Disney World as soon as I could afford it which will be next year. I graduate in May and we are going to go somewhere close this summer b/c I need to start working and my son is too little but will be the right age next year.

    Build on your accomplishments and you will be a shining example for your kids as to setting a goal and reaching it!! Have a positive attitude and you can get through it. It's tough, but hang in there cause the short time that you spend getting your education will be worth it in the end. This site is great for support, venting, getting questions answered. I wish I would have discovered it at the first instead of at the end.

    Good Luck-and have faith in yourself
  2. by   azgal40
    I am in the same boat. Working full time, 3 kids and struggling with prealgebra! I have my midterm coming up this week and have to get a B in the class to get into intermediate algebra, so everyone please cross their fingers for me!