Feeling frustrated- Prereq not offered this year at UW

  1. Hi, I am a pre-nursing student at University of Washington about to apply into the department (and apply to other schools as well since UW is highly competitive to get into). I've hit a major roadblock though: I just found out that UW is not offering Nursing 301 this year AT ALL which is a prerequisite to get into the department (and to apply to any other BSN program via University). Originally I was registered for Nursing 301 for Autumn quarter (now) but the class was pulled over the summer and we were told we would have to wait for Winter quarter when it would be offered again. Now it appears they have decided not to offer it at all this year. Has anyone heard of anything like this happening before? It seems really irresponsible of the school to allow students to go this far in a program and then create a situation to make it impossible to go further, at least for this year. I am scheduled to see my advisor in a few days but until then I am fuming inside. So much time, effort, and money I have spent. And now it appears I will have to take a year off and wait for them to get their act together? Does this seem really wrong to anyone?
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  3. by   tonyl1234
    Take A&P at a community college and transfer it? Talk to them and see what to do. No college page is showing an equivalent to NURS 301, but they're showing an equivalent to STR 301. That seems like your school might be switching over to a standard A&P course.
  4. by   Kimsa
    Thank you, yes I think taking A&P at community college would be the best idea at this point.
  5. by   verene
    Either take A&P at one of the community colleges (It is NOT unusual for UW students to take random coursework at one of the community colleges), or see if you can take Human Anatomy and Human Physiology through the Biology department. I don't know their current status but in the past the BIO A&P courses were the pre-reqs for pre-dental, pre-med, speech therapy, and orthopedics/prostetics, and I think BIO - physiology course was the pre-req for nursing as well. So it probably doesn't hurt to ask an adviser what the other options for completing these requirements are.
  6. by   Kimsa
    Thank you for your input. I have taken BIO 118 &119 (Physiology plus lab) at UW already. I have already asked my advisor if I could substitute a regular Anatomy course at UW for Nursing 301 and she said that No, that was not possible. That I had to take 301 to meet the requirement for admission. (I asked her this over the summer when I found out that the Autumn 301 class had been cancelled...I'd hoped to be done with all my prerequisites by the end of this quarter). She told me to wait and sign up in Winter because I would still be able to apply to schools with one prerequisite still underway. But now they are not offering it so I need to find another way.

    It seems like the best idea is to pursue taking Anatomy at Community College for Winter quarter and hope that admissions from other universities that I apply to will accept me having split up the courses (BIO 118 at UW & Anatomy at CC). I think that would be fine though I usually think of A&P being a set taken from the same series.