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have you talked to your family and friends to let them know that although you will not be available for them as you like, you still love them? for those who are already in clinicals, how has this... Read More

  1. by   Beach_RN
    I have to say that overall everybody is very supportive. Starting with my parents...... they are just so happy and so proud.. they are constantly telling "YOU CAN DO THIS", My husband is wonderful, he cooks, cleans, runs the kids around, laundry, and this is on less than 6 hours sleep all the time. He is only human and at time freaks out and complains.. but I understand he is tired too! But he is 100% behind me....he make me laugh.. he says to me "you didn't think I just married you for your looks, it was your brain I was turned on by" I'm like YEAH RIGHT! but he inspires me.

    OH my children are just great! The have told everybody what mommy is doing and they love it everytime I get an A... they ask me if they can help with my homework, just like I help them... They can't wait for me to graduate..... and they do understand that things are diffrent now that I am in school and time is limited but precious...

    My sister is my best friend! She is amazing.. she loves it that I finally went back to school. she's a teacher, so she is all for higher education!

    Our friends are great!

    The only people that really suck! is one of my hubby's sisters and her husband..When we told them I was going back to school there response was aren't you too old to go back to school...... and we can forget to count on them for help with the kids!

    but I say" Que sera sera" you know the song.. whatever will be, will be"