Fail twice nursing and move to another state, will they let me start fresh?

  1. I really need your advice. I'm living in NY and fail the RN program on the very last semester. This is my first failure so they said I have another chance to go back and retake the last semester or go for LPN certificate for 6 weeks and take NCLEX-PN because they not guarantee if they have enough seats for the RN in the future if I wanna come back. Then I decided to go for LPN because I want to work so bad. I don't care LPN or RN, I just want to work. The program was gonna start soon so I don't have time to think and prepare. This program was provided in the same department at my school also. I started about a week but I have to withdraw because of family issue, so technically on my transcript I "fail" twice (with an F for RN and X for LPN). If I move to another state, do you think they gonna accept me to any LPN or RN program? Because I heard once you fail twice, you gotta wait 5 years later to reapply and retaking all prerequisites. I'm so frustrating and don't know what to do. Please help...
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    Going to be 100% dependent on the other schools' policies. You'll need to contact each school you consider.