Extern programs

  1. I was just accepted for the nurse exstern program at our local hospital. Has anyone else done the nurse extern program? If so was it worth it, what should I exspect, will this make my 3rd semester easiar? What was the pay for your extern program?
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  3. by   JenRN_2B
    What an appropriate thread, as I am currently considering exchanging my CNA position for a nurse extern position.

    The pay rate is $13.90 with no benefits, just lots of experience.

    I look forward to reading the replies!
  4. by   LilRedRN1973
    I'm not sure if what I'm doing is the same as an extern. I am working as a Nurse Apprentice in the ICU and am in my 2nd semester of nursing school (ADN). I get paid $14.62 an hour right now and after this semester is over and I move up to Nurse Apprentice II, I will be bumped up to almost $19 an hour for the summer and my last year of school.

    I will be paired with an RN and providing the care he/she would be for 2 patients. I will administer meds and do just about anything else that I've been checked off at school to do. I figure it will be great experience as I want to work in the ICU after graduation. I've been working in the ICU since the beginning of January and I love it! I definitely made the right choice in where to work at the hospital. My personality fits in the ICU perfectly.
  5. by   KimRN03
    I was an intern last summer. It is so worth it to apply and take part in the program if you can. I got to work with my preceptor, we usually had 4-5 patients and also handled admits and discharges. I could do everything BUT handle meds. Sometimes she would let me hang IV's even though technically that was not allowed. As I did not have a nursing license I was practicing under her license. I got to do all the assessments, Foley's, CNA kinda stuff, sit in on meetings, tape report (HUGE BENEFIT!). Not to mention all the people and contacts you meet while interning. I was hired by the Nurse Manager on the floor before I even finished my last semester of school. Good luck to you and go for it!!
  6. by   Coldfoot
    These extern programs, where would I find out more about them? They are hospital sponsored right? I wonder if state nursing boards would count then as clinica traing hours for nontraditional students?