experienced return demonstration :D

  1. hello everyone!!!
    Im back to allnurses.com
    and it really feels great to share some stories here

    I just wanted to share my experience to my return demonstration last week ...
    Of course, before you practice return demonstration to your clinical instructor, you will have to undergo a lecture demonstration to which you are going to practice it also.

    I was nervous but at the same time excited to perform it..
    when i had the chance to see who will be my clinical instructor..I thought about them how they will guide me, etc.

    I had to perform my ret dem in a way i wish to impress the CI but since it was my first time, I did it somehow alright and thank God I survived!

    The demonstrations I have to perform were,
    taking apical pulse rate
    oral care for unconscious patient
    blood pressure
    respiratory rate
    donning of sterile gloves
    back massage

    question?... uhmm, in doing this demonstration, what ideas or stories you would like to share??.. I will be glad to hear your insights or tips in performing allertly andperforming good too.:heartbeat

    I will be returning a demonstration on tuesday after the day tomorrow (june 29) ..please pray for me. hehe
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