Experience with Neuro-Surgical ICU

  1. I have to meet with the nurse manager at Aurora to take a Nurse Extern II position in their NSICU, would anyone have experience in this area? I know they have patients with strokes and brain trauma but I'm looking for a little more info to the all of the duties. I'm a little nervous because of the ICU:uhoh21:

    I passed up a Med-Surg floor because I wanted something new but now I'm doubting if that was the right decision.

    Any advice/information is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   MikeyJ
    What do you mean by the 'duties'? The duties are going to very similar to other ICU's and other floors, except that you are dealing with critically ill patients with neuro implications (spine injuries, head trauma, etc.). I spent a day on the NSICU shadowing a nurse and it seemed very similar to other ICU's. The nurses basically monitor the patient's status very closely while doing total care for the patient's. You will see some tasks that are specifc to neuro, such as subdural drains, spinal drains, etc.

    But approach it with an open mind with the intent to learn a lot. I am sure you will do great!