Excited about 3rd sem clinical!

  1. I just finished my first week at our clinical site. I am at a VA hospital on a cardiac unit. Granted we have only shadowed for 2 hours since we had computer training,fingerprinting etc.. but wow! I may be taking care of a lung transplant patient, MI, CHF, pleural effusion, infection vs rejection patients etc.. I am so excited! I am going to learn so much in the next few weeks!
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  3. by   happynewLPN
    WOW..that's going to be a great learning experience for sure!
  4. by   Megsd
    I LOVE cardiac. I was on a telemetry cardiac unit last quarter and was fascinated. Most of my patients were post-op CABG, COPD, pneumonia, CHF, or some kind of vascular graft.

    My best suggestion: start learning cardiac meds and how they work. You will find a lot of these patients are on several different types, and you will be expected (at least I was) to know what each does and what the benefit is of combining them.

    And most importantly, have fun!