Everything worked out with my Hep B shot

  1. After calling every health department and hospital clinic, I will be able to get my Hep B shot at my CC for $25. I called the Health Services department at my CC yesterday to see if I could make an appt. for my shot. She told me that the chairperson of my department was waivering the deadline for the Hep. B shot, which was July 5th. So I e-mailed the chairperson of my dept. to find out if this was true. She e-mailed me back and told me it wasn't....I was steaming. I replied and told her that she needs to call the health services dept. and tell the receptionist to stop tellling the students that she is offering a deadline waiver. Then all of a sudden she e-mails me back and tells me that she is offering a deadline for the Hep B shot...but not for long. Ok great....she then e-mails me again and tells me that August 1st will be the new deadline. This is a great relief for me because I did not have the money to pay for a Hep B shot...let alone the entire series....so now instead of spending over $300...I'll only have to spend $75.... :hatparty: . I also think that she is offering a later deadline because the acceptance packets that were sent out were incomplete. The incompetent secretary didn't include the physical forms or vaccine forms...which we need when we get our physicals. I knew that something was wrong so I called the department and that's when the secretary apologized for the mistake and told me to come to my CC to pick them up....I was so angry....don't they know they are messing with people's education...I feel sorry for the people who didn't know to call the school....I have a feeling I'm in for a long journey....

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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    Sounds as if there may be a truckload of students turned away come class time for not having their Hep B vaccines.

    Interestingly, I just got the 2nd in my series today. I was supposed to get it last Tuesday, but the nurse called from my Dr.'s office to say they were out of Hep B vaccines, and did I have any of my own??? HUH? Do people really get their own Hep B vaccine vials? I've heard of it for allergy shots, because there are a million different things a person can be allergic to an need shots for, and the Dr.'s office can't stock all of that, but Hep B? And believe me, as I diabetic, I've given myself enough shots that if I DID have the stuff I would have given to myself! :chuckle (well, not really, but the thought is good!)

    Anyway, they ordered it and it came in, so I just popped in and the nurse gave it to me, signed my health form, and now I can send it off to school, and remember to get it back when I get my 3rd shot in November.
  4. by   JimmyMallo
    After reading all the posts about the Hep B shots I guess I feel lucky. My hospital gives the shot free to all employees as well as yearly TB testing.