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  1. Hi Everyone....

    I have a question regarding ERI tests. My BSN program is based on "mini-mesters". I had never heard of this until I transferred to this program. We just had 7 weeks of Health Promotions and next will have 7 weeks of Med-Surg 1.
    On Friday I have to take the ERI test on Health Promotions/Fundamentals of Nursing. Has anyone taken this standardized test? I am concerned because the scores are compared to the national average--most programs teach this class for an entire semester and we only had this excelerated version.

    Any help ????

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  3. by   Kerrie
    I am in my second year of an ADN program. The school I attend uses the ERI testing system as well. We started taking them in our second semester. (this is when the school started the program.)

    You take the module that is assigned. You get a print out of your score and the national scores. You can go back and take them as many times as you want. In the mail at the end of the semester you get a print out of all your answers and where you can find them in your textbook. In our library there are cassetes available for review of the topics covered.

    These tests are supposed to get you prepared to take the NYCLEX-RN. We did not take a class on them, we just take them as we cover topics in nursing class.

    We are required to take the modules, the program costs $65 each semester. From what I understand, we can attend a free NYCLEX review class and we get the modules upon graduation.

    Hope this helps!