Entire class failed 1st OB exam

  1. And the majority of the student scores were in the lower 70s, upper 60s. To pass an exam at our school, you must make a 80%. Even some of the students with stellar grades failed. We all studied faithfully, nobody slacked on this test because we had heard the horror stories and made sure we knew the content inside and out.

    The OB instructor at our school, (and some of you may know what school I'm talking about) is notorious for failing seniors. The same thing has been happening semester after semester.

    I would like to take action, but before I do anything I would like some questions answered.

    1. What are the usual procedures ( I know it may vary from school to school, but I just want to get an idea) for requesting a retake of an exam? or have an exam thrown out? if there are any students who had to do this please pm me.

    2. Is it possible to take legal action against a school that refuses to investigate the reason why semester after semester, in some cases entire classes failing exams and failing the same course.

    All the questions on this test were critical thinking questions but even the instructor admitted that her questions were considerably harder than the NCLEX. We had math tutoring for her math problems, and even the tutor, who is also an instructor could not answer her math problems. The OB instructor refuses to review her math problems with us.

    Please contact me via pm if necessary, if you have any input.
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  3. by   advocatenurse
    Have you documented this teacher's comments? If this person is admitting to the whole class that her test is "considerably harder" than the NCLEX the first question I would ask is "WHY"? My next question is ...have you reviewed your student handbook and then asked for Student Association (provided you have one at your school) participation in representing your concerns? It may be of some use to write a formal letter requesting a review of this test, including the whole class in this forum. A petition may also work and if you do not get any results from the initial level (teacher) then take it higher up to the Dean if need be. However, you must keep records of all your communication and document any conversations and meetings so you have validity to support your concerns. If the whole class failed, and they studied, then there is something wrong with the test. Keep in mind you are tested at the beginning practioner level. OBGYN is usually considered a specialty of practice these days so if you are being tested at the expert level then you have cause to formally request review. As an educator there is responsiblity to be open and honest in dealing with students. You have the right to be treated with respect, provided you conduct yourself in a professional manner. Hope things begin to resolve for your class. If not, keep going up the food chain until SOMEONE ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS AND PROVIDES A RATIONALE FOR WHY THIS HAS HAPPENED. You most definitely have rights....fight for them
  4. by   PickMePlze
    Thank you. Everyone is at a loss right now because it seems that studying for this instructor's exam is wasted time.
  5. by   Tbone3
    just finished a bsn program and realized that sometimes we fight a losing battle. maybe the next class will benefit from our struggles.
    you still need to pass ob so fight but don't get too consumed with frustration because you'll lose your focus (been there).
    Will the other exams be given by other instructors?

    quote=PickMePlze]Thank you. Everyone is at a loss right now because it seems that studying for this instructor's exam is wasted time.[/quote]
  6. by   GeminiTwinRN
    are you in my senior class?

    i swear, this is the same sentiment being passed around my class! our class has a .1 above failing average right now, and there are 23 repeaters in our class from last semester who already failed once! I think that's insane!!

    i'm looking forward to seeing what the advice you get is!
  7. by   WanderingSagehen
    I watch the students fight with the administration. Just do your studying as best you can and don't waste you energy in negativity. OB is part of the NCLEX exam you have to know it. Those 1st exams are forcing us to study hard and now the teacher has your attention. If she/he made it easy no one would study much for the next one. I think he has you right where he wants you. Desperate to pass and ready to study or whine to the dean? Seems like students these days have so much power that they alter our education process and dilute it with wanting it to be easy.