EKG Strips Made Easy

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    How to decipher EKGs? This is something that nursing students will need to know and here are some hot tips.

    EKG Strips Made Easy

    Hey everyone making a series to easily master EKG strips for all those trying to learn how to read them.

    Part 1 The Basics

    1. Know the normal interval values.
    2. Be aware of the measurement of your paper - always use a 6-second strip
    3. Look at the rate - norms between 60-80 bpm
    4. Whats the rhythm? Measure the R to R interval

    Part 2 Atrial Fibrillation vs Atrial Flutter

    Afib versus Aflutter

    1. Do I have a P-wave? Nope
    2. Is my R to R interval regular or irregular? Irregular in both cases
    3. Afib is ugly sister where there is irregularity between the R to R intervals
    4. Whats the rate? Can be varied anywhere from <60 to >120

    I will continue adding videos to this series to help you guys master your EKG strips.
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  3. by   spotangel
    Nice! Love telemetry! Keep them coming, nurse Karma!
  4. by   AlexLL
    Thank you appreciate the feedback =)