EKG Site to share

  1. I wanted to post this site for all the nursing students. It is an EKG site. Its informative and a great study guide.

    I hope someone can use it!



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  3. by   eventsnyc
    Channa, Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,

  4. by   AmberNoelle
    Thanks for the link. I'm sure it will come in useful. EKG is one of the topics we will cover on monday--I have 50 pages to read about it in my book. Talk about dry!! I am having a hard time concentrating on it. Will check out the site. Thanks again.
  5. by   Stormy
    Thanks! Sites like this are great learning tools. I like to encourage staff to use the net on night shift if they have time, to pursue learning opportunities.
    Keep sharing!