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  1. It dawned on me, after meeting with the nursing advisor in May, that I had no CLUE as to how the nursing program operated at the school of my choice.

    With this in mind, I sent her a email with some questions I probably should have asked when we met.

    1) How MANY students does the nursing program select?
    2) What determines which students are selected?
    3) Does the (nursing prgm) start year round?
    4) What do I need to do to apply(applications, etc)?

    I do know that once I start the nursing program I'll only be taking nursing classes, as I have completed the other courses (Psy, Socs, Math/Stats, Humn, plus 4 yrs of English and Math, from my previous major). See what I have not taken?!?!?! SCIENCE! My previous major didn't require me to take any science, nor did the school offer it until this year to the freshmen...I was a junior, with a year left to graduate.

    If there are any nursing students in Texas that are going to, or have gone thru CCCCD nursing program....please email me.
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