Dosage calc/math for meds question - page 2

Hiya! Just curious :confused:, since one can't use a calculator on the pre-NLN entrance exam, which I recently took. . . . I knew in advance and was prepared to test without one, but it... Read More

  1. by   tatianamik
    Our nursing school supplies calculators for us to use during testing. The calculators are the simple nonprogramable ones. I guess they had someone who could program one and cheated.

    On the clinical floor we can use whatever calculator we can find/bring.

    I've heard that the NCLEX-RN has a button for a pop-up calculator.
  2. by   Patti RNstudent
    We can (& do) use calculators. Only non-scientific ones are allowed, thou. Someone got caught w/ formulas written on back of it, so now they have to be checked during exams. I know we can't bring one to NCLEX. We also use them in clinicals. So do the nurses. They're everywhere on PICU, @ each patients cribside.
  3. by   RNIAM
    We can use caculators if we choose to. There is no hard and fast rule.
  4. by   StrugglinStuden
    Our instructors encourage them to the point that they have extras incase you forget yours. Their rational... drug caluclation mistakes can be FATAL!!! Even during test we use calculators. We just have to know what to plug in where.
    p.s. made a 100% on my "math for nurses" final exam last month! Got an "A" for the semester. Wee hee!!! Told the dean of nursing (who teaches this class) Id probley be better off in pharmacy school since math is second nature to me. If that were the case, user name wouldn't be "strugglinstudent" lol