DONE with A&P!!!

  1. I just finished my A&P II final and now I am DONE DONE DONE!!!!

    I am so HAPPY that I won't have to open that book again............ until Nursing 1 But for now, I am filing that HUGE text way back in the corner of my bookshelf... along with the 4 binders full of material! LOL

    Just the relief of having FINISHED that "task" is rewarding!! After 9 straight months of A&P, I don't even care what grade I got.. (I know I passed easily.) There is absolutely NOTHING I can do "now" to change the grade I will get. It's all over!

    What an awesome stress-free feeling!!!!
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  3. by   lilshamrock
    Congrats! Gives me great hope when I start taking A&P next semester. *UGH* I've heard such horror stories about that class. I'll be looking for that stree-free high you speak of when i get done too
  4. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by christinemj
    After 9 straight months of A&P
    Wow 9 months ! Was that A&P I and II? If so, no wonder you are soooo happy !

    Happy for you