Does anyone else find this odd?

  1. Hi all, long time no post.....

    I'm starting nursing school (diploma program) at one of the local hospitals here in town. Thinking it would do me well to work in a hospital environment, I applied for a job there as a nurse's aide. Good idea right?

    Well, that was about a month ago....I've called back several times to inquire about the status of my application. I know for a fact there are still openings for aides (as of yesterday noontime, anyways). Seeing as how I'm going to be attending their own nursing school next year, and I've passed all of my anatomy, etc. with flying colors.....what's the deal?

    Anyone else ever run into a situation like this?

    Slightly frustrated,

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    they probably don't want to have to pay for your tuition. should you get hired & work for them at least six months to a year prior to starting their program...they would have to pay the bill.

    most places will require that you remain with them for at least one year worth of serivce should they pay...but if you don't like it there & move-on after that year...then the hospital would lose-out. additionally, they probably want to keep the aide position filled for more than what you'll be able to keep it full. take into consideration that you'll probably need to work around your school schedule...that probably would include cutting back hours which means your supervisor will have to look for another aide to cover for you...that's money. then there's the fact that once you're finished your rn'll move-onto an rn position....then recruiting would have to be done again for that aide position. all of this cost money....bottom line.

    i know how you feel...believe me...i've tried applying at the university hospital where i'm currently enrolled in their nursing program & these reasons were explained to me there & at another facility (where i did my lpn clinicals back in '95).

    so don't take it personally....and congrats :hatparty: to you on starting nursing school! good luck!

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    Have you asked them what is going on? What do they say when you ask about the status? Ask your instructor about it.