Do you type you notes on Index Cards? - page 2

Is anyone here making their own index cards, by typing it on the computer and printing it out? If so how do you do it? Do you do in MS Word? What template do you use? How many prints out at once?... Read More

  1. by   missjennmb
    Flashcard exchange is INCREDIBLE. Not only does it allow you to make printable flashcards, but it also gives you the ability to test yourself online with them (better use of time online than surfing here if there's a test monday! lol). You can set it to wait for a click or pause x amt of seconds and then give you an answer. Its really amazing. And to create flashcards for it, you can just type them in Excel, first column is one side, second column is the next, then copy/paste them into the import box and voila! I love it to pieces.
  2. by   AngelaC
    I do everything on index cards!

    I type 2 vocab words to one card and then cut them in half.

    I make study note cards.

    I make NCLEX cards for the subject we're studying! I do it all!

    Microsoft Word 2007 has a 3 X 5 index card as one of the sheet sizes. Easy peasy to do!
  3. by   Absolutely13
    Flashcards rule! I use 3x5 cards and Avery 1x2 5/8 labels w/ 8 pt font. The small labels force you not to be wordy and there is plenty of room left on the card for annotation and mnemonic devices.

    Avery has templates on their website for word and word 2007.

    I've heard good things about flashcard exchange, though.