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Hello everyone. I am currently a nursing student. (RN) Last semester, I failed med surge by less than one point. I was upset at first but then resigned myself to retaking the class and felt it may... Read More

  1. by   bkthicklady
    Quote from anxiousgirl
    Hello everyone. I am currently a nursing student. (RN) Last semester, I failed med surge by less than one point. I was upset at first but then resigned myself to retaking the class and felt it may even help me to become a better nurse. The next semester, I began med surge again. I took the required dosage and calculations test and did not pass the first time. The student is only allowed to take it two times and if you fail it the second time you fail the class. Well, shockingly, I failed the dosage test for the second time. Since that was considered failing med surge twice, I was no longer in the RN program. The staff recommended that I write a letter to the director of nursing asking for a letter of appeal in order to attempt med surge a third time, therefore allowing me back in to the RN program. I did just that and was accepted back in. Needless to say I was very happy and I have been working on my dosage. I have high anxiety anyway when it comes to tests and now that I will be taking med surge once again in the next few weeks, I am scared to death. My confidence level is very low. I have told very few people including my family. I suppose I am ashamed and embarrassed. Are there any words of advice or comfort anyone can give me?
    I can sympathize with your concern, I failed medsurge also by less than one point. I am devastated! all the time, energy and money I have lost to get nothing in the end. I do have another oppurtunity to repeat medsurge next semester however, at this moment I feel so discourage and I cant begin to understand where I went wrong, what could I have done to do better. for the past couple of months my life has been composed of going to school and studying I have neglected everything in my life including my children. Im hoping that this is a nightmare or a silly joke being played by someone Sadly this is reality. As I said before I feel your pain, and understand your struggle. I commend you for retaking it again and pray that you succeed.
  2. by   Irene joy
    I am not a nursing student yet, but I have a good friend who is a pediatric nurse. On her last semester she failed out. She did not give up though! She got her lpn liscence, worked for a year and rejoined the class the next year( they make you wait until the next class goes through that semester) and now has been a succesful nurse for eight years. Don't give up!
  3. by   Race Mom
    I start the med/calc test by looking at what they want for an answer (like, "how many mg in 24 hrs?"). I look to see how often they get the med (like q6 hours), then I write in the answer line "multiply by 4". That way when I get to that question, I don't forget to calculate it completely. I do this for the whole test before I even start to answer questions. I've heard of too many people that didn't calc everything completely and missed the answer.
    When you are done, go back through and redo the problems as if you didn't do them yet.
    The worst thing is to miss a question you just didn't "finish" or to have a calculator error and not catch it.
    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   SoulShine75
    I think as others have suggested, a tutor is a great idea. Do you know what type of math questions you're having a hard time with? There are several resources on the internet that can help. Maybe studying and preparing for that now would be a good idea. Look at it this way, you've been there before, you know what to expect, so take full advantage of that and hold your head up. :spin:
  5. by   Jedi of Zen
    I'm only just now about to start my first year, so I'm not really knowledgeable on the class you're referring to. But from the sound of things, I would just say start pulling out all of your big guns. Get a tutor, get after-class help from your teacher, get any additional books or resources that might help, get help from other students and/or any RNs you might happen to know on a personal basis...just pull out all the stops, and don't give up.
  6. by   lookingbeyond
    Hang in there and don't give up! You will make it because you care!
  7. by   Black Jade
    Hi anxious,

    I noticed that you wrote this post in Feb 2007. How are you holding up?
  8. by   lookingbeyond
    Quote from anxiousgirl
    Thanks to those of you who quickly replied to my message. This is my very first time using this site. It is so nice to be able to talk to those who understand. Just hearing your words of encouragement made me cry. ( In a good way) I have been seeking some tutoring. I have also asked to sit in on the present dosage classes which I have had before to help refresh and maybe get my confidence level up. I will be taking a practice final exam with the class on Monday the 26th just to see how I do. The main thing I seem to have trouble with are those "word problems" that ask you to convert the lbs to kg. I have no problem with that conversion. It is the wording after that that sometimes throws me for some reason. The problems are worded differently. Sometimes "in 4 divided doses", or "Every 8 hrs." I totally understand what these phrases mean and yet when mixed with the rest of the problem, sometimes I get stumped.

    Thanks so much to the first reply especially who said I obviously don't let things hold me back. With me, that tends to be the way I operate. When you said it sounds like I just need someone to hold my hand to get me through it, you were so right.
    You will be OKAY. I didn't know I had "dyscalcula" until I went to nursing school. I went through a whole BA program taking statistics and everything...new I took longer than others...but didn't know I had a learning disability until a nurse instructor told me I needed to be tested...I found out I have ADHD on top of that. I made it! You can do it. Don't ever ever give up on your dream to succeed. It may take longer to get where you want to go, but probably not as long as it took me! lol