Did you just *know* what area?

  1. Hi lovely nurses out there!

    I just had a question... I will be third year soon and able to pick placements but I have no idea what I want to specialize in. I feel that there's a lot of student nurses who just know what area they want to be in, like it's their calling. I love nursing but don't have a particular area that I badly want to be in.

    I am really passionate about children but haven't worked in pediatrics yet so would love some insight from paeds nurses on what it's really like and what it takes to be one?

    Your advice would be much appreciated!
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  3. by   Pneumothorax
    to answer your question yes.

    Now, ask yourself what you like to do Critical care, General Medical, Surgery, Anesthesia, Psych... ummm things like that. You mentioned pediatrics, so why dont you try it out, the worst can happen is you dont no big deal!.. or you might love it and decide to go into that area!