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Ok, so after years of thinking about it, and weighing my options, I have decided, finally, to return to school for nursing. I studied International Relations while in university, and while I enjoyed... Read More

  1. by   bookboarder
    Well, I think after looking further into the programs offered locally, and through the college I'd like to study at, the LPN program is best for me.

    There is a little further info on why I don't want to be stuck in a two year plus program at this point. My husband and I have been trying for a child for the last year. We've had three miscarriages since last April. One was last April, this March, and just a few days ago. So, we'll be on a break from trying to conceive for a little while, while I heal mentally and physically, which will give me time to get the LPN done. It's been a very difficult road, and at this point we're not sure of anything. This most recent loss has been very hard on us both. We really thought that this was *it*.

    So, I think for us, the LPN program is the best option for now. Then I can complete the program, and move forward more easily.

    I'm not even certain that I will go on from the LPN to an RN, but that option will always be there in the future.

    Thanks for all of your input, and I'll keep you updated on what is going on.

    I'm scheduled to start on May 31st!
  2. by   IrishIzCPNP
    Quote from queenjean
    True, true, SAH; my only questions (and I really don't honestly know) is how many credits from a diploma program will transfer to a BSN program? Is it about equal? There aren't any diploma programs in my area, so I just am not so familiar with them.

    The amount of credits will vary by college some.

    I have 1 college here offering 67 and would need 56 in the BSN program they offer. Now this probably doesn't include the Nur 299 that I take in the diploma program but it is a BSN level course so I could be adding 3 more credits to the 67. The brochure wasn't specific to my program and not all programs do the 299 in it. So that 67 might really be 70.

    There's another that won't give me a definitive # because some specific lady does that and she wasn't it. I was told almost everyone comes in with 60 credits. I think they look at things a little differently. They told me I get 35 credits for the actual RN. I then have to add in a BSN level course I take in my RN program that is college credits and all my gen eds...though I have 1 or 2 courses from pre-nursing school that won't transfer. That would put me at another 30. So right off the top they are offering 65. I would then need 55 credits with them for the BSN.

    Also diploma programs can be hard to find. They died off some. Some schools are now opening though. We had a few new ones here open and the one I go to wants to expand...just don't have the room yet (building a new school) and need more instructors.
  3. by   Peachy720
    I wish I would have gotten to you sooner, bookboarder.

    If you already have a degree, LSU offes the C.A.R.E. (Career Alternative RN Education) program, a two-year accelearted BSN program.

    How are you liking your program?
  4. by   JarOfPennies
    Bookboarder, I'm also curious how you're enjoying the LPN program.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. Yes, I do think taking a break and focusing your mind elsewhere for a time will do wonders for you.

    Good luck with the nursing and I'll be praying that you'll also be blessed with a sweet little bundle in the future!