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  1. Well, my long awaited decision letter came in from both schools I applies to, one a BSN, the other an ADN, and on both, I'm on the wait list. I'm so bummed out. I know its not a rejection letter, but its not exactly an acceptance letter either, and it kind of stinks to feel like your good, but just not good enough right now. I don't get it either. I'm a straight A student, 4.0 GPA cumilative, I have all my pre-req's done with the exception of micro which I am currently taking and then that is it. I have nothing left to take. Again, all A's in everything from the big science classes right down to english comp. They stopped doing interviews and letters of rec this year for some reason and implemented the TEAS test in its place. I took the test and didn't do as good as I would have liked (never been a great standardized tester) and I got a 76.5. The math killed me, those stupid word problems. But still, I scored pretty good in math, but it dropped my score down. That's the only thing I can think of that could have possibly caused me to be wait listed. I don't know. But, I'm on the wait list in both schools. Unfortunately, neither school told me where I am on the wait list. So, I have to wait until Monday to call and hopefully get that information. The ADN school offered me a conditional acceptance into 2006, which based on what I know from past nursing applicants on the wait list, that means nothing. The condition is on you applying again, going through the whole process again, and waiting to see if you are accepted, rejected, or wait listed again. The BSN school said they may be added more slots by summer, but there was no conditional acceptance for the following year. So now, I have to sit here for a year, twiddling my thumbs (since I'm done everything but my nursing courses at the end of May), trying to keep all this fresh in my mind and trying to figure out something to do in the meantime. I don't want to rush out and get a fulltime job in the event I do get in for 2006 and have to leave anyways. What a mess a wait list causes. Its like when it snows and your kids get a 2 hour delay at school instead of the whole day off. Knocks the entire days schedule out of whack, I feel the same way about this except it just knocked an entire year's schedule out of whack. Well, right now I'm still stunned and not sure what to do. I'll figure something out. I just figured I'd let everyone know how my decision went. Well, maybe next year.
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  3. by   mariedoreen
    I'm so sorry, how incredibly disappointing. Especially considering your grades, it just doesn't seem fair does it? Take heart tho, you may be sitting in a great position on their wait list and there are always people who do not accept their positions. Like you many people apply to more than one program and will turn down those they don't choose. Call asap and find out where you stand. Let us know what happens ok?
  4. by   ZootRN
    I'm sorry to hear about the situation. That was exactly what happened to me - except I was notified of admittance in waiting list that was 2 years long. I remember my despair. When you put so much into it and have to sit and wait for 2 years, it is so dissapointing. I got a part-time job (to stay sane) and was completing my prereq's for BSN and applying to two other schools, when they called me in one year early because of my high GPA. I ended up admitted to all 3 schools at the same time. Good luck to you. With your grades, you have a chance of earlier admittance, although it doesn't sound very reassuring.
  5. by   LilRedRN1973
    I was wait listed in June of 2003.....I will be graduating this May with my ADN. Keep your chin up!! I waited the entire summer, showed up for the orientation, and after determining that several students who HAD been accepted neglected to attend, I was given one of their slots.