December '05 Grads: Have you found your job yet? - page 2

Hello, fellow December 2005 graduates! I was just wondering if everybody has found a job yet and/or decided what area you want to work in. I graduate December 16 at 10am and I can't wait!! I have... Read More

  1. by   Raevyn
    Well I spoke to soon!! I got hired yesterday.. I will be working as a RN in the ICU/CCU Pool.... I am super hyped!!!

  2. by   LeashRN
    Hi All,
    I applied online to the same health care conglomerate were I am enroled in school.
    I found out that as a new grad one can only work as a PCA (pt care asst) but with the classification as a PCA-2, until one attains a license and until that time only receives an hourly wage that is $2 less than a starting RN.
    Not too bad a deal and you can become aquainted with the floor on which you will ultimately be working.
    Again thanks to all, and to all, GOOD LUCK!