D/FW Nursing schools

  1. I'm going to be doing nursing school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and I was wondering if anyone had any information on which schools were good and what hospitals they teach at?
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  3. by   manna
    Did you try posting this in the TX forum? Might get more answers there!
  4. by   Renee' Y-Y
    The ones that I am aware of:

    Univ of TX at Arlington - Arlington (BSN)
    Texas Women's Univ - Denton (BSN)
    Texas Christian University - Ft. Worth (BSN)
    Southwestern Adventist Univ - Killeen? (ADN & BSN)
    Tarrant County College (TCC) South Campus - Ft. Worth (ADN)
    Dallas Community Colleges - Dallas (ADN)

    I know that the Arlington & Ft. Worth schools use the hospitals in this area: John Peter Smith, Harris, Plaza, Children's, etc. As far as which schools are the best...I, personally, think that they are all pretty comprable (sp?)...however, the students from the ADN program at TCC are far superior clinically than other students that I have worked with...don't know if you're wanting ADN or BSN... Also, as far as the BSN programs are concerned, I think you get out of them what you put in.

    I graduated from TCU's undergraduate program & UTA's graduate program. I was not happy about my level of expertise when I graduated from TCU, but then I wasn't a very good student either...just kind of skirted through half-heartedly.