crisis in iowa

  1. I would like to say hi to all new nursing students. I need some advice on what to do.My instructor is trying very hard to put me out of the nursing program.She gets up in the class and says sarcastic comments that is targeted towards me,no one else.I have become very frustrated that i want to quit nursing.Before I quit i decided to have a meeting with the coordinator and instructer.I would like some advice on what to do .why can't we as student nurses voice our opinions on what kind of programs we need to help with the nursing shortage? I see why it will get worser with the shortage of nurses in the future. maybe things will change when the nursing programs shut down due to people failing or leaving.It is a shame our nursing educators aren't professional as they perceive themselves. Remember all nursing educators some of the students that you failed ,you will see them again one day!
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  3. by   Katnip
    I've had to deal with these kinds of issues in my old career. If your instructor is really, truly singling you out for insulting comments, document them with dates, times, quotes, then take it to your meeting. Be calm, state the facts. Try your best not to drag emotional issues into it or you will come off looking vindictive. Do this before you really quit school. Things might turn around and the instructor may be the one to leave. Good luck.
  4. by   eventsnyc
    Your post reminds me of something: I am starting clinicals in January. Last week I was speaking with a student who is already in the program. He gave me the warning that the nursing teachers in my school are often mean. His tips: Do my best in the class, don't be late, stay quiet until asked, look unemotional, don't be too friendly, don't feel insulted when teachers pick on me, don't get excited...and things will be fine. He said that accepting the teachers' meaness is "part of the deal"! I truly hope he was kidding .

    I have been an ER volunteer for 4 years. I enjoy being helpful and friendly. No problem with the 'on time & hard working' thing. The rest of the warning sounds strange to me. Why should students enjoy abuse? I don't get it.

    Hope things will be better for you soon,
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  5. by   lvnmom
    After I read your quote it shocked me that we didn't have the same instructor-hahah
    Ours is prety bad also, and I have found that it is not always the students with the better grades that she leaves alone either.....Hang in there,there will be some tough days.I think they do this to "weed"out the bad eggs in the beginning.Do as others have said and document everything,leave your emotions at home... You can do this,I thought the same things and now I graduate in December
  6. by   cateyesrn2003
    Talk to your class officers and see if a collaborative meeting could be arranged for all nursing students and instructors... Sometimes honest mistakes happen... then again... some people are just jerks..... Hang in there.. you're not doing this for her but for the patients whose lives you will one day care for.