Coursework plan of attack

  1. Hey guys,

    More advice would be appreciated here. I need to take at least the following pre-reqs, just to apply to a nursing school:

    Ant and Phy I and II w/lab -- 8 cred
    Micro w/lab -- 4 cred
    Chem w/lab -- 4 cred
    Nutrition -- 3 cred
    Pysch Growth and Devel. * -- 3 cred
    Stats* -- 3 cred

    * still waiting on college transcript review to see if they can transfer

    One nursing school also requires for its pre-reqs:

    Ethics -- 3 cred

    And since I may also head back to TX and go to school there, I'll also need:

    US History -- 6 credits
    US and Texas Gov -- 6 credit

    I think maybe one of my history courses might transfer here.
    I'm really not sure why I need history and Texas Government courses. The only thing that comes to mind is that they plan on declaring independence and they want nurses to run the newly formed administration!

    So my question is, oh most knowledgeable forumites, is how should I set up my schedule to take these classes? Is there a certain order I should take them (does Micro help in Anat and Phys, for example and I should take that first?). I want to get these courses over and done with, but not at the expense of overloading myself (its been a while since I've stepped into a classroom).

    I *may* work part time or volunteer at a hospital, but thats not a given at this time. I'm pretty sure that most of these classes are offered all year round at my community college. I'm most concerned about getting the basics finished and figure I can just take the 'extra' required courses (History) as an add on any semester I have room, or take one more semester to wrap those up.

    Thanks all!

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  3. by   BMS4

    This just my opinion, but I would take Chem before A&P. I did it the other way around and I would have understood more in A&P had I taken Chem first. As for Micro, I took that class last and had no problems with it, in fact I really enjoyed it.

    As for Stats, I would take that during a semester with a light load. I love math and usually do really well and I did well in Stats, but it was very time comsuming for me and thankfully I took it during the semester before I started my nursing courses and had already gotten my pre-reqs out of the way. Stats wasn't required for my nursing degree but I picked up an AA before nursing classes started. I'm hoping that AA will help me cut down on the time it will take me to get my BSN.

    Good luck with your classes and your move.
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  4. by   maire
    I agree with Paula...take Chem before A&P. I took Developmental Psych with A&P and Statistics with Micro and Philosophy (insert your government class here? Just a thought). Sounds like you had the same pre-reqs that I did. I haven't taken Nutrition yet, couldn't get into the class this fall so I'm taking it over the summer next year.
    Probably not very helpful here but wanted to put my $.02 in.
    Good luck.
  5. by   KELLYGIRL
    i also agree with paula...take chem before a& take micro would also be helpful to speak with a nursing advisor at the school you plan to attend to set up your classes. you'll also be able to decide your actions once you have the college transcript review results.....let us know how things are going!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  6. by   dave_t
    Thank you! I've decided to stick with Chem w/lab and start AP during the summer. And I was able to get into a Texas Gov online course this semester too!

    If anyone else wants to chime in, feel free!

  7. by   LPNtoBSNstudent
    I agree about taking stats with a light load, maybe a summer class by itself. I am just finishing Business Statistics and Microbiology with lab and Anthropology and 2 Credit hours of PE. 99.5 % of my time was dedicated to Business Stats, just to keep my head above water. But then, I'm NOT good at math. However, I DID make an A in College Algebra, but don't let anyone tell you that if you do well in College Algebra, that stats will be's not! At least not in my opinion (or anyone else in my class).

    Good luck to you!!