Couple of Questions..

  1. 1. What type of Basic Nursing textbooks did you/do you use?
    2. Same question applies to Pharmacology.
    and 3. How many brain cells do you think you blew when you were trying to survive Anatomy and Physiology?? :imbar
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Here's my med surg text:
    Here's my pharmacology text (which by the way should be hardback - it's way too heavy to be softback):
    Drug guide:
    My assessment book:
    Patho book(but we didn't use it, the teacher did all his own notes and explanations but good reference anyhow):
    Trancultural health care:
    Community and public health nursing:

    There are a bunch more but those are some. Of course different schools use different books.
    And I blew a bunch of brain cells in A&P but I'm glad I had good classes and learned it pretty well because in my opinion that is THE most relevant prereq that you are going to use, use, use. Good luck!
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