Could you get a job in my state?

  1. In my state, new grads interview with a consortium. We list our preferences (hospital and broad specialty area) and are ranked on our interview performance. These are the questions they ask all new grads:

    1.As a Registered Nurse, what do you believe to be the skills and attributes required to practice effectively?

    2. Our next question is about communication. What strategies would you use to determine if a patient with a developmental disability has understood the information you have given them?

    3. You are caring for a patient who refuses all treatment. What action would you take?

    4. You are caring for a patient who has whooping cough (pertussis). How would you protect yourself and others?

    5. When a work colleague arrives at work and you suspect they may be under the influence of alcohol/other drugs, what ethical issues should be considered?

    6. When you commence work as a Registered Nurse, you will be faced with many decision making situations. Typically you may be caring for four patients (for real, we have good ratios here):
    -one patient's oral medications are due
    -one patient requires an indwelling catheter for urinary retention
    -the third patient has a low blood oxygen saturation
    -the final patient is being verbally abusive to others on the ward.
    Can you tell us how you would prioritise these patients and explain your reasons?

    My interview is tomorrow. I've applied for a local paediatrics new grad year, and there are only nine positions! Here's hoping!
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    Good luck! BTW, what state are u in?