Could someone explain what clinical trials research is?

  1. I am new to nursing and am looking into doing research with nursing with my masters, and someone suggested clinical trials but I am not sure what I would be doing, is it at a hospital? with doctors? I am not trying to sound stupid, but all the research I have done and know how to do is with groups of people and specific health behaviors and knowledge, so I am wondering about this type of research???? Thanks a bunch if you can help
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  3. by   suzanne4
    These trials USUALLY involve medications. Any drug company must do clinical studies on a number of human subjects before the medication can be approved by the FDA. Another is with implantable medical equipment.........
    similar scenario, but may be trailed in another country before being released in the US. It could be doing a blind study on a group of anti-viral HIV medications........................the number of studies is endless..........
    hope that this helps