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  1. Hi! Hope I can get some insight from nursing students or experienced nurses. I am considering applying to my junior college's RN program, nursing has always interested me; especially pediatrics or OB/Gyn. I have fears though, that I am not cut out for nursing, that I will "mess Up" somewhere down the line. I also worry, since I plan on having a large family, that my career will consume all my time. If I did choose nursing, what kind of hours can I expect? Can I expect to recieve weekends off every so often? I have so many questions...too many to list! I would greatly appreciate some help or advice. Thanks!!
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  3. by   CEN35
    The school part and your first year consume most of your time. You have to be 100% devoted to passing and doing well. It means study your behing off, and don't let your boyfriend, friends or family get to you because your consumed with school. At times I myself worked over 100hrs a pay, my first year out of school. Only because you realize how much more there is to learn,a dn you want to be good at what you do. Although I went from school to the er. Aftre your settled in, look for 8 hour shifts on evenings, 3-11P or nights, 11p-7:30am (4 -5 days a week), or 12 hour shifts 3 days a week, 3p-3a, 7P-7a. You will most likely not find a dayshift position until you are an employee for a while. Maybe a LOOOOOOONNNNNGG
    while, depending on where you work. Good luck!!!
  4. by   sweetpepper
    I don't think there is a single nurse or nursing student that has not been scared at some point in time about messing up or not being able to cut it. I can recall each semester thinking that it was just a matter of time till something happened, but I'm literally a month away from graduating with my BSN. Being scared isn't necessarily a bad thing because it might give you the extra edge to try harder, however don't psych yourself out. With hard work and dedication you can get through it and do well. As far as working goes, I'm still figuring that out myself. I have noticed though that if you're willing to look around some, you can pretty much find a place to work with you on scheduling. Lots of hospitals are offering a variety of schedules to appeal to many different nurses. Also, consider what's more important to you at the time you graduate. Is it more important to be working in OB or is it more important to work dayshift. For me I'm more concerned about getting into the area I want rather than worrying about days or nights. Tough choice, but it's one that's important to consider. Hope some of this helps, hang in there!
  5. by   grinnurse
    I agree with the previous post. Nearly everyone that I have met in NS had those same questions at first. Nursing was always a dream of mine too-mostly oncology but have found other units that interest me too but not as much.

    I'm not going to sugar coat anything but you really have to have the desire and be motivated. There will be times when you want to or maybe pull your hair out at first until you get into the swing of things! But you will catch on and things will start falling into place and you'll be fine. To me, each semester became a little bit harder and more is expected out of you but that's readjust and move on!!

    You definately will be studying and doing paperwork but it all helps you learn. It took me until 3rd semester to realize this but, hey. You need a good support system and people will need to realize that you are not going to have alot of extra time to spend with them until you're done. As long as they know you're not ignoring them it should work out. As far as interfering with your family (when you have one of your own) you will know what's right and how much time you want to devote to your career at that time.

    This board is full of support for the student and I wish I had found it earlier b/c if nothing else you have a place to vent! Good luck and follow your heart!!