Considering a change in my schooling path..

  1. Hi everyone, sorry for not posting much but nursing school (as you all know) has been kicking my behind. I was in semester 3 of 4 last semester and I unfortunately did not pass. I got a 78% when we need a 79%....heartbreak city. What really bothers me is that this semester was far beyond what it should have been and I am not the only one to say that ~ everyone just about this past semester has complained how ridiculous the tests were. The level of thinking required to score high was only a level that came from experience, something as students we do not have. This has not been just this semester but several in a row that have failed about 1/5 of the class.

    I was readmitted to repeat this Fall and thankful for that but I am now bitter towards my school and the administrators that run our program. If it were simply my lack of skills or time, I would be fine with all of this but we busted our butts for little results. I know that I will be able to pass this time but I no longer wish to remain at this school for my BSN after graduation next May. So I am considering transferring to University of Phoenix to complete the BSN. Has anyone gotten their BSNs or know someone who has from UOP? I plan on continuing for my Master's but that will have to be yet somewhere else because I want to major in Women's Health.

    Sorry to be so long winded! I have been thinking a lot about all of this and taking the right path.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    The semesters DO get harder; many students have a difficult time making the leap to a higher level of understanding as they proceed through the semesters. As you have discovered. Not everyone who passed can be getting outside experience, can they?

    God luck in whatever you decide.