Confused about possible nursing please!

  1. Hi everyone. I am a 21 year old who just finished up a medical transcription program last month. I enjoy it somewhat and am able to work at home, but I'm realizing maybe I don't want to work at home! Nursing has always been on my mind. However, I tried to take a CNA course a couple of years back and dropped out. I had missed a couple of days and gotten behind. Also, I was VERY nervous about doing things in front of other students, and I mean extremely nervous. Is there any way to get over this?? Whenever I think about what I want to do in my life, nursing pops in my head. Sometimes I feel like it is what I am supposed to do. I worked as a patient aide at a LTC and enjoyed the patient contact and effect I had on them immensely. One thing I was considering is taking an LPN course, thinking that it might not be quite as stressful as going right to the RN. I've changed a lot since I took that CNA course, but am still anxious sometimes around other people. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  3. by   Nrs_angie
    Well its amazing how if you want something badly enough you will do what you have to do to get there. If you REALLY wanna be a nurse, you will just have to step up and get over the nervousness. I didn't wanna be a waitress or a salesperson for the rest of my life. I found nursing and I reallyyyyyyyy wanted to do it. But I have had to overcome extreme nervousness. One of the pre-req's was Speech class. I have a bad phobia about public speaking. I was sick to my stomach, sweating profusely, heart pouding, and face was red as a beet. BUT I knew that I had to pass the class to be a nurse. So I bit the bullet and did it. First one not so good. But I tried harder and got A's on a couple of the speeches. I ended up with a B for the class. Only because I didnt study for the exams. An exam on speech giving... go figure!
    I got nervous when nursing classes started because I didn't want to be watched while I was 'doing things'. But you have to do it to be a nurse. SO again, I bit the bullet and did it. I am so comfortable with it all now. I even gave a speech to the entire junior and senior classes, and faculty for the class elections. I didnt even get nervous. On clinicals my classmates watch me doing procedures all the time. It doesn't bother me anymore. I just got comfortable and confident.
    But you should really figure out why you dropped out of CNA classes. CNA is much different than RN. You will be responsible for much more as an RN. Only you can figure out what is right for you. For nursing school you have to be very dedicated.
    Good Luck with what you decide... Let us know!
  4. by   docmarko
    As the Nike saying goes, "JUST DO IT!"

    I am a junior (third level) in an LPN program. I am having no problems academically but am admittedly nervous when "performing" in practicums and clinicals. However, I just performed my first trach suctioning and trach cannula change the other day and once I did it, I was SO proud of myself. Today,I took a test in IV calculations and got a 93--not bad for someone who has been out of school for 25 years and has definite math anxiety.

    I waited literally YEARS before finally going to nursing school. Graduation will be fulfillment of a dream for me that has been nearly lifelong. My advice to you is to take the plunge. You must have the desire or you wouldn't have posted to the message board. Nursing needs people who are self-motivated to the profession--not ones who are dragged there kicking and screaming. (i.e., "my parents want me to do it... my husband wants me to do it, blah, blah, blah..."). Do it for you and do it for your potential future patients.

    It has been hard work but I don't regret it for a minute. Any nurse will tell you that they had (and still have) anxieties. No one is perfect. No one knows it all.

    Good luck to you and God bless.
  5. by   Sarahbrown
    All I can say is think about it. If ur very nervous and meet up with a postmenapausal in clinicals, you will have to find a way to survive the humiliation that some of them can put u thru. They can play with ur head, and even accuse u of doing something wrong after u have done it correctly.Im not saying tht u will go thru this but please read some of these threads and these students experiences. It will make ur hair stand up. And I am on the Deans list, but quit last week. Call me a loser, but i think they really need to get a real prof. if they want real nurses that will actually learn something. I am so disgusted that Im on my 2nd try with 2 diff. colleges and Still went thru the same hellish experiences. Sorry no thanks. Im now changing my major to teaching. Nothing could be worse than what I went thru. Im not trying to discourage you, but please keep this in mind.
  6. by   sierra123
    I guess it is all about confidence and just looking like you have it all together. All you need is one experience that gives you confidence and you know you can barrel throught the next hard situation. Nursing school is hard. It is not only hard because of the material, it is hard to know how to handle a situation and act confident when you are nervous. I always take a deep breath, look at what I am doing and then demonstrate it in front of the clinical instructor. You can always tell other students that it makes you nervous if they are in the room with you while doing a procedure. Most students feel the same way. Remember, it is your future career on the line and you have to do what is best for you.. Good LucK!!!!