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  1. does anyone here knows which community college in michigan has the best nursing program. i currently attend henry ford community college(with a long waitlist) where there are more pre-reqs requirements. i was looking at wayne county community college or macomb community college. anyone with suggestions???
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  3. by   Nurse_Diane
    Kalamazoo Valley CC has a great program... There is a 3 year wait, however.
    Kellogg Community College (Battle Creek) seems good, too. I know there is a wait, too. Maybe not as long as Kalamazoo.
    Grand Rapids Comm. College has a 5-7 year wait list, currently.

    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck to You,
  4. by   Nurse_Diane
    to AllNurses, as well.

  5. by   sopraffina
    It's funny you should ask. I just spoke to a counselor at Oakland Community College last week and she told me that their Nursing program does not currently have a waiting list. She is a general counselor, not a nursing counselor though. I believe their campus in Waterford (the Highland Lakes campus) is where the nursing courses must be completed.

    From what I hear, it's a pretty well respected program. My stepmother got her ADN from OCC in 1990 and worked as an RN at Royal Oak Beaumont for years until retirement.

    The college website is . I believe the next informational meeting regarding the nursing program is on Nov. 15th.

    Double check all this with the school though. I could be wrong!

    Edited to add: I went to the OCC Nursing Informational Meeting and there were over 200 people. The instructors said that there were over 200 at last months meeting as well. Interest has grown because of the poor economy and because of the aid provided by the No Worker Left Behind program in Michigan.

    No specific waiting list data was given, but they told us that each year 216 students are accepted for the program. Applications must be submitted by 12/15 every year so if you haven't sent transcripts there and spoken with a nursing school counselor by now, you'd have to wait until next Fall to try again. They said that this year marks the first time they will have to rank people by GPA in order to choose students.
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