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  1. Just call me diet, from the philippines. I am 29 yrs.old. I am married and have 2 children. A 7 and an 11mos. both boy. I'm in my 3rd year of studying when my wife decided to go abroad to work. So I was left with a nanny to take care of my kids. Then time has come that I have to stop school to take care of my children because the nanny is not an effective carer. It was a tough decision to make but I was so stressed I did not think twice.

    A year has past, I am thinking of coming back to school again to finish my studies. Enrollment day is close but I haven't decided yet if i should enroll. Something is keeping me from coming back to school I don't know what.

    I'm afraid to study again, all those memorization, reporting, return demos.
    I feel that I'm too old to study with teenager classmates. I don't know.
    I'm afraid that I don't remember anymore the things that we have studied before.
    I feel like going back to school is going back to zero. I don't know I can't even express what keeps me from deciding.
    I know I'll have a better future if I manage to finish my studies but still I cannot decide clearly.

    somebody help. some advice please.
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  3. by   goodstudentnowRN

    If you need this bad enough, you ought to replace the negative with the positive. Go for it ! You can do it. I am an aged student and I am doing great with two children.
  4. by   Seyma
    Well first off just let me say that you are not too old . At least where I go to school and the classes I've taken... the age probably ranges from 18 to 40's so don't let age hold you back. And if your afraid to study again, ease your way back into a college. There's nothing wrong with just taking one or two courses.