CNP/CNA position in ICU, Med/Surg, or Cardiac stepdown???

  1. Hi Guys! I just finished my first semester (woohoo:roll) & am thinking about getting a position as a Care partner (CNA, patient care tech) at one of the local hospitals. I am a bit hesitant though I heard next semester is nothing compared to first semester. I will be starting OB, Psych, & peds & heard its pretty hard to adjust since we were spoon fed first semester. However, everyone recommends working as a CP & our hospitals are very accomodating with student nurses. I would work flexi & make my own schedule w/a minimum requirement of 16hrs/mth. My school schedule is M/Th 8-4 T/Wed 6:45-1:30 clinical give or take. Fridays off study day.

    My question is which unit do you guys recommend while in school? ICU, Med/Surg, or Cardiac stepdown

    Thanks for any input!
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  3. by   Rexie68
    congrats on semester number 1!! i just finished my last test for the first semester, too. i'm an lpn, so i don't have to worry about taking a cna position, but some of my classmates are doing just that in med/surg. i think icu would be wonderful to work in, 'cause in med/surg you may not learn a whole lot. in icu you'll probably be exposed to things you haven't seen yet, and get comfortable working around them. just my two cents. good luck!!:spin: