CNA's Anyone? - page 2

Hi, I just wanted to hear some advice about becoming a CNA from all of you guys that are CNA's that work in hospitals. I just recently got a job as a unit secretary and I really hate it. Its not a... Read More

  1. by   NANOO21
    HI! I am a CNA. I recieved my liscense in January. I currently work at a hospital. I think you should go into CNA first because that is what I did, and right now I am in Pre-nursing student. I have had VERY many wonderful and positive experiences. You will never know what you can learn from your experiences. I think it is an awesome idea to be a cna first for many reasons (1) You get lots of experience, (2) it lets you know if you REALLY want to be a nurse or not, and (3) I absolutely love it. I think you will too!!
  2. by   Katmease
    Only you can know for sure if you want be a CNA or not. I think it's good experience. I was an EMT prior to getting my BSN & like pointed out above, it helps you handle things better.