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Question, Does anyone think that clinicals should be graded instead of pass/fail? Why or why not. Is anyone in a program that is not pass/fail? Thanks:)... Read More

  1. by   Rena RN 2003
    we are pass/fail for clinical too. i don't think there is anyway to actually grade a person for each individual action that is done at clinical.

    for example, a person must be checked off in order to insert a catheter. the first time that skill is done in clinical, it must be demonstrated under the guidance of the instructor. now i guess at this point, the instructor could place a numerical grade on the procedure.

    fast forward a couple of semesters/quarters to a time when the student nurse is supposed to be competent in her basic skills.....

    the student has successfully performed a skill in the past. the instructor isn't around to watch every catheter insertion or IM injection or IVP drug. how would the instructor place a numeric grade on those?

    i think pass/fail is the way to go for clinical BUT it should be backed up by extensive classroom and lab exams and quizzes. just so all involved knows exactly what he/she is supposed to be doing.