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I'm excited to be starting my first pre-reqs: Psychology 110, English Composition and Fundamentals of Math (Have a lot to do to catch up on math unfortunately). I hope to finish my pre-reqs in 5... Read More

  1. by   Katiesun
    I have a chart that shows 20 days. 20 days for 20 classes and my first quarter is over. That doesn't sound overwhelming...looking at it like that works well for me.

    It's so great to be back in school working on the pre-reqs. My first week and I've already had 3 quizzes! I was beginning to panic a little about the work load I had taken on (15 credits) because Monday night the instructor for Psych let us know we had 95 pages to read by Wed./ AND take a quiz, English--read 48 pages and take a quiz and write in our journal about our first assigned essay. Needless to day, I stayed up after class Monday night until 2:00 am and then spent every waking moment (I don't know how it's done when you work---I am so lucky to have grown kids and no outside employement at this time). I felt like I was drowning and I was afraid what the immediate future held.

    The quizzes went well and now the workload is down to a more reasonable 10-20 pages for each class. Good---because I don't want to learn it just for the moment, I want to ABSORB it!!! I fear I'd better get a move on and learn to absorb a little faster because from all I hear, nursing school is quite overwhelming with its workload.

    It's funny to be back in school....we had a group in psych today and we were supposed to elect a leader to present the know the drill. Nobody wanted to do it and I don't blame them. So yours truly, by virtue of being the oldest in the group, did it. I just hate the "sitting and staring" thing. Always seems to happen that way. I don't like it, but I figure that since I don't like it that I need more practice in getting comfortable speaking out like that. It can only serve my future in a good way. I'm trying to look at it as a positive!

    Anyway, great night. The first week is over and I feel more confident. And how was YOUR week?

    P.S. I got a great book from amazon (used) on oncology nursing, so I'm a happy clam!:chuckle

  2. by   jawbreaker3000
    Good day to all,
    I'm starting my pre-reqs this Fall at a community college just minutes from work. I would've started during the summer, but I thought I would give myself more leeway and spend more time with my DH and two little ones before I hit the books. I'm just glad I have a very good support system from my family: my siblings, my parents and especially from my DH who had always been my driving force. I plan on taking Anthropology (ZZZZZZ -- hopefully I'll be able to take this class online),and Chemistry I for starters. I'm hoping that by Fall of next year, I will be done with my pre-reqs.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Take care and regards.