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  1. by   kwagner_51
    My kids are 17, girl, and 13, 12, and 9 boys. My 17 y/o is JEALOUS because we will have money after all these years. She graduates the same yr. I do. [2005]

    We have bills to pay and my 12 y/o keeps putting words in my mouth by saying that I said that he could get ....... whatever. I know I didn't say it...but... I could have agreed to something he said when he asked and my head was buried in a book.

    My 13 y/o understands that it is going to be another yr. before we have money to really live.

    My 9 y/o just breaks my heart. He doesn't want me in school and he doesn't want me to work. Yet, he doesn't want to be poor either.

    He is getting picked on by a couple of bullies on the bus and he got wrote up for fighting. I told him to defend himself and if a kid calls him an f***** then he has the right to defend himself. Our 14 y/o neighbor hit him in the head with a rock. The 14 y/o's mother is in jail and his G-ma is staying with him. She came up with a cock and bull story...with tears and all... about why this boy is being mean to my sons. I DO NOT care what his problem is. He is a BULLY. He is afraid of girls and only fights kids younger or smaller than him.

    My Dh works weird shifts and helps when he can. He has become the taxi, taking kids to ball practice and Boy Scouts etc. He tries to help with homework but most nights I help because he is sleeping. He works from 11pm to whenever. and from 1 AM to whenever. It is hard physical labor and he is 50. So I cut him alot of slack, because w/o his income, we would stave and I wouldn't be in school.

    I have one more week of class and then the final. I found out yesterday that my final is on the same day as my 13 y/o's T & A surgery.

    Then the next week, my 13 y/o is taking a placement test to see where he belongs in school. [Right now he is in the 5th grade, with his 12 y/o brother].

    The week after that, my mother and sister are coming for a one week vacation.

    The next week, I start summer school. 5 days a week for 5 weeks. I get out of summer school on the 7th of July and Fall semester starts August 22.

    I am also planning on homeschooling my 13 y/o for 9 weeks in the Fall.

    Thanks for letting me vent. My instructor this 8 weeks has been a real nightmare and I can't do anything right.

    Thanks for listening!!
  2. by   rn undisclosed name
    Your kids crack me up with those comments about being done already and getting a call for a job. They just don't realize what hard work it truly is and 1 test is very small in the grand scheme of things. It would be so nice if it only took us 5 minutes to study for a test.

    My kids are 7 and almost 3. DH will help out around here but never willingly. Honestly, I would quit school and always threaten him to do it too and then he changes. So that puts him back into shape pretty quickly. Funny thing is I used to work full-time and dh used to do quite a bit like laundry and cleaning. Now that I have been a sahm for the last 2 years he has gotten very used to doing very little around the house. I just feel like a broken record telling him I need more support from him cause I can't do it all.

    I haven't been getting as much studying done as I want to so I told dh that we are not doing anything else around the house (meaning no new projects) until I have taken my final. School is my priority right now. The house can wait.