Cheap Lab Coat?

  1. I am required to purchase a lab coat for school and am wondering if anyone knows where I might find one. There are no length requirements... just a white lab coat. I found one at the school bookstore for $28.95, but am wondering where else I should look. I'd prefer a store, rather than online, because I am tiny and I feel better being able to try things on. Thanks in advance for any info!
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  3. by   RNsRWe
    There's a secondhand uniform shop in my area....practically everyone headed there for labcoats for anywhere from $5-$12 (for a new one). Take a look at secondhand shops/uniform shops and see what you might find!

    Be aware, though, that you might not find a great fit. If you're going to save $$, sometimes fashion gets sacrificed for function

    I received a gift of a new lab coat from AllHeart Medical (online) and I can tell you they definitely run big. I wear a medium normally, and my medium labcoat (unisex, full length) is going to require alteration for sure.
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  4. by   todell80
    My Wal-Mart has one for $15, but it isn't the most fashionable coat in the world. My scrub store here has nicer looking ones for around $20.
  5. by   SillyLilly
    We had to get one for L&D. Go to a thrift store. I got one for 2$. Bleach it, and its perfect. Ialso live in Chicago and there are a billion (atleast) thrift stores.