1. Hello everyone!

    So this is my third year as a community college student at De Anza in Northern California and I have met with my counselor after a few months of vacation. I really want to transfer out ASAP but the way that my counselor was sounding, it might take another 2 years and I was understanding and nodding with a smile physically, but internally, I really wanted to cry because that certainly was not my goal.

    I made the mistake of doing all of my GE requirements first and then focusing on nursing (bio/chem series) after. In addition, I had a mid-college crisis and really questioned whether I wanted to go into nursing due to all of the stress and pressure but I took a deep breath and decided that I should pursue it (this actually happened just a few months ago). Also, my plan was to apply with psychology as my major and change it once I get admitted. However, this was not the case considering the school I wanted to get into (my priority is SDSU but it might be super slim..) had a note that once I get admitted, I won't be able to change my major so that threw that option down the drain.

    I was just wondering, is it possible for me to apply for Fall 2018 for nursing still? I have more than the required credits to transfer and did all of my GE. From the start, I feel like my counselor was in a slightly off mood and I am going to meet with another counselor for reassurance...I know that some schools have different requirements but the ones I am aiming for are basically the ones that offer nursing. This includes SDSU, SFSU, SJSU, CSULA, CSULB and possibly the others for backup.

    Thank you,
    from the misfortune of a hopefully upcoming nursing CA student.
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  3. by   Tajin
    I'm not sure what your concern is. If you have all the requirements necessary to transfer then why can't you start the application process for Fall 2018 once the applications open up? Most of the (if not all?) the CSUs require the full sequence of the biochem/ochem/gen chem combination chemistry so it's not like you wasted your time. It's practically the norm now to transfer after 3 years because classes at CCs are so impacted. I had a friend transfer after his 3rd year into CSULB for nursing, but he had a 4.0 GPA, 94% TEAS, volunteering hours, etc. Based on my understanding, you basically need a near perfect to perfect competitive profile to get into CSU for nursing. One can not go into these schools as a psychology major and just switch to nursing.
  4. by   dgcruz
    Ah, I failed to mention that I only have my GE requirements and have over the required credits. I haven't done my bio and chem series.. I don't mind applying during my third year and transferring after. She just told me that I most likely will have to stay longer than that.. Right now, I'm volunteering at Kaiser as well.
  5. by   shibaowner
    I went to SDSU (non-nursing major). Call them and ask. If you graduate from CC with 3.0 or better GPA, you are GUARANTEED a spot in a UC or SC. Please check on this.

    You should do your nursing prereq's at CC and save some $. At SDSU we used to joke everyone was on the 6 year plan to graduate. Both the CCs and SDSU are impacted, so a lot of people take a total or 5 or 6 years to finish. Good luck.
  6. by   dgcruz
    Thank you so much! This gives me hope.. I'll definitely try to contact both admissions and perhaps the nursing program. Is it possible for me to do some of my science at De Anza and then transfer? Cause all I really need to do for my upcoming quarter are just science classes

    For sure. All of the schools in California are so impacted. It's ridiculous, but thank you so much!!!
  7. by   Tajin
    I think I understand now. I'm not really familiar with transfer requirements, but the university only takes a certain amount of transfer credit right? The way I see have two options.

    Option 1: finish your sciences at your CC then apply as a transfer to CSU nursing programs or apply to ADN programs.
    Option 2: transfer to SDSU, complete a degree in psychology then apply for an ABSN program.

    Either way there is no fast and easy route for you. Option 1 will take you another year and option 2 will take you at least 2 years. Option 1 is the smartest both in terms of finances and completion time. You're still an undergraduate so you'll qualify for financial aid until your 6th year as an undergrad or when you finish a degree whichever comes first.
  8. by   dgcruz
    I'm not sure. As long as I have around 90 credits in terms of quarter I believe, I am eligible for transfer. However, in terms of nursing, yeah, I don't think I can because I didn't do my sciences yet... that's definitely for sure. The only reason I'm stressed is because my parents are really trying to push me to finish early because my dad's veteran benefits have an expedition date which will be when I'm 25 so it's alot of pressure since I don't even know if I'll make it on time.. Thank you for taking the time to consider the options but yeah, the first route seems like the wiser choice.