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  1. Hello I have a care plan for a 14 yr. female who returned to the out patient allergy clinic for a follow up vist and I need some help.She had an allergic reaction to crawfish, in June s/s were hives, wheezing, and some swelling of her tongue. She was given ephinrine and benadryl during the episode. For my care plan I was thinking about two Nursing Diagnosis: Risk for injury and Knowledge Deficiet, and the doctor order a RAST test, he also gave her a two 2 epipen one for home & school.
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  3. by   ptadvocate81
    I think that those diagnosis work, but I am unsure of what she came into the clinic for? You said that she had an allergic reaction in June? Why was she given two epi pens? Unclear....
  4. by   MIA-RN1
    I think you could use knowledge deficit in regards to her not knowing about the correct way to use her epi pen and interventions would be to teach her how to use it, watch her demonstrate (not w/ the medicine of course but w/ a teaching tool), and have her verbalize the sx which call for its use. Also teach her the importance of keeping the second pen at school and one with her at all times.
    Risk for injury is good, I think, but I might lean towards Suffocation, risk for. They are similar but since she was having breathing difficulties with her allergic rxn, it might be more applicable.
  5. by   twinmommy+2
    I think the first diagnosis I would use is Ineffective Gas Exchange or something along that line, or At Risk For "".

    But the others will work well with that patient. Are you looking for help with outcomes, interventions or something else?