Career change. Advice for a potential international student.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm in my 30's and I feel that I need to make a change in my career and I thought of nursing because I want to make a difference in someone else's life and not just be involved with charity work. To accomplish this I'm looking into studying for an ADN in USA and then coming back to Australia to work/continue my studies. I currently hold a bachelors degree in commerce from Australia which unfortunately does not contribute in any way to a nursing degree (or does it?) and I've been working in the finance industry for the past 8 years.

    The whole process of changing careers is definately a scary thought for me especially after hearing all the horror stories about how tough nursing is and I was hoping to get some perspective from people who have been in a similar situation to me and what kind of experiences they would like to share. Mistakes they have made and the right things they did. Challenges they went through, highs and lows. How different it is to study for nursing compared to studying accounting e.g. difference in how you think and grasp concepts?

    I've also got some questions in regards to being an international student:
    - As my bachelor degree does not count towards any post graduate degrees, would colleges in USA allow me to study another undergraduate degree?
    - I know for an international student it is more expensive so if I wanted to study in California or Nevada which colleges would be more "friendly" towards an international student? Sponsorship and scholarships would be out of the question for me because I did not achieve good marks in my bachelor degree.
    - Is an ADN recognised in Australia? Will it count towards anything if I choose to come back to Australia after 2 years to work and study? I think it may be difficult for me to find a job in USA since I do not have PR status.
    - Are there any websites/forums that are dedicated to giving out advice to international students?

    Thank you all in advance for any advice and thoughts.
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    Minimum education level to be licensed as Australian RN is BSN.

    See info here:Nursing in Australia / New Zealand.

    If you are desiring a US RN education, we do have 12-14month BSN programs for those with a previous Bachelors--just need to have most prerequisites completed. Programs are very intense Accelerated Programs: The Fast Track to Careers in Nursing
    I don't know if these type programs exist in your country.--see list approved AU Programs

    Best wishes with this journey.
  6. by   alex1987
    For an ADN progam you have to go to community college so it's pretty cheap compared to a 4 year university even if you have to pay as an international student.
    But you would have to look at the requierements to practice as an RN in Australia since many countries accept only a BSN for entry level.