Cardiovascular system????

  1. OK, I am in an A&P class that is I and II combined, so we move thru the info pretty quickly. I am just not "getting" the cardiovascular! It is sooo confusing to me, and we have a test Friday. Is there any good sites that might explain this better to me? Thanks all....
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    One more good one w tons of links. Good luck.
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    Thanks, I appreciate your help! I think the CV system is sooo confusing!
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    It's just plain yucky..........have a test on it next week and not gonna do well at all! lol.....
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    I've got a test on the it too, next Thursday, and plan on studying most of Sunday...time to get the A & P coloring book out...that usually helps me alot. Think I'll get out those sites too. Good luck!
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    Have you guys seen the "Incredibly Easy" Assessment books? There is one for A&P I saw in the book store yesterday.,0,1-582-55043-3,00.html

    This entire series of books is great. I used the NCLEX one to study for my BSN challenge exams. They do even have a pocket-sized one on cardiac something, maybe it's only CHF.

    I have tons of cardiac expereince, is there a particular question you guys have or need help with?? Feel free to post it here, or pm me.
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    I just tested on the cardivascular system Tuesday and it really was not that bad. I passed with an 89, I probably could have done better if I had had more time to study.