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I'm starting to run into a real big problem. I'm 27, and never had the chickenpox, and I cannot find ANYWHERE that offers the adult vaccination. My school wants me to have the vaccines done before... Read More

  1. by   Jolie
    Quote from SweetOldWorld
    Certainly not by the respiratory route.
    Not by any route. Chicken pox is not transmitted via week-old lollipop.
  2. by   Jolie
    Quote from Ashley, PICU RN
    OP what about an MMRV booster? That would contain the varicella vaccine. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to get a booster of the others, since it's probably been over 20 years since your last dose.
    Per the CDC:

    Anyone 13 or older who needs protection from these diseases should get MMR and varicella vaccines as separate shots.
  3. by   SweetOldWorld
    Quote from Jolie
    Not by any route. Chicken pox is not transmitted via week-old lollipop.
    I am not arguing with you about transmission by lollipop. I was simply pointing out that varicella is not solely an airborne disease.
  4. by   x_factor
    Thanks for all the info guys! FINALLY, I found a doctor that offers the shot and is willing to give it to me. It's $300, since I don't have insurance and I am paying out of pocket, which is insane. It's $150 for the office visit, and $140 for the vaccine. Jeez. My appointment is Monday afternoon, at a clinic over 2 hours away. What a hassle, but I'll just be glad to have it over with (at least, after I return in 4 weeks for the booster).
  5. by   ProudMom511
    Glad that you finally solved the problem!
    I paid the same price and it was in a public clinic here in Ca. It was the only vaccine that was expensive and not offered for free even by public clinics....All other vaccines I found for free or for very low cost at various clinics..
  6. by   gamecock_24
    So glad to hear that you were able to find the vaccine!!!
  7. by   SunshineDaisy
    So glad you found a place! yuck for the price though! Is itgoing to be the same price for the second shot too?! Eek!