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  1. I work in an Ambulatory Care Unit for a military hospital & just had a patient discharged with breast cancer. I am currently drying my tears & needed to just share this with someone that would understand. I've treated patients before with various types of cancer (although I've been out a little over a year now) but this one really spoke to me for some reason. We talked about maintaining her sense of soul & making sure she continues to do the little things in life that make her happy & feel beautiful while undergoing treatment. Right after I gave her discharge instructions & my corpman was ready to take her downstairs I felt this overwhelming need to give her breast cancer pin that I got on my very first day as an employed nurse. I've worn it every day I've worked since then, but just felt the need for her to have it. She cried & I teared up. She told me that once she is cured she will bring it back for me to give to another woman fighting. I feel like I will be seeing her again. I just hope it's under those conditions & not something else. Has anyone else felt this type of overwhelming need with a patient? Or am I just a sap? Thanks.

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  3. by   amyk_ncsu
    I can't relate yet, but your story is beautiful, and I hope that I have some like that to share someday!
  4. by   Kemccanha
    What a great memory you made in that womans life and yours!:heartbeat
    You've brought tears to my eyes! I've had very similar experiences but yours was very touching!
    Someone once told me that when you don't cry with your patients it's time to give up nursing! I so believe in that!