Canadian RN student seeking employment while in school

  1. I'm an RN student finishing the 3rd term of 8 in Vancouver, Canada. I would like to get a part-time or casual position in the healthcare field. I've been told that at this point in the curriculum, I have acquired the skills necessary to work as a PCA (care aid).

    I saw a posting for a position as a Nursing Assistant at a local hospital. Is this the same thing?

    In your opinion, how well do people do in jobs they weren't specifically trained/educated for?
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  3. by   tiredernurse
    I am not sure what a PCA is but if you have completed your 3rd term you would do well to work as a nursing assistant. You will work hard (physically) but also learn alot by just being in the environment. The hospital setting would be best. I recently worked with an ER tech (basically a nurses aide with a little added responsibilty) and she has gone on to med school. Good luck.
  4. by   oilerfan
    Hi JoeKnee I am from Edmonton and in my 4th year. I avoided working as a pca while in school. There was no need as far as I saw. I understand you are anxious and want to get going but it was no different than the first year clinical when we were essentially NA's. I just held off until after third year and worked as an ENS over the summer...there was no shortage of those positions. B.C. may not have that designation for student RN's but if they do you will hear about it. But hey, money is money...there are worse jobs out there.
  5. by   adrienurse
    Here in Canada, the terms NA, PCA, HCA all seem to mean the same thing.

    I encourage you to seek this kind of job as a student. I did, and I found that it really helped prepare me for my future as a nurse.