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  1. Hi guys..I was wondering if any one knows of any Canadian Nursing Scholarships I dont qualify for goverment assistance here in Ontario (OSAP) because I have access to my parents financial records (because the let me put it in and some times pay for my more expensive books), and because I live at home, so apparently I'm not "needy" enough. We also have the "Melenium Scholarship" which is a bursary based on financial need again I worked my butt off this year to make the deans list, and now im getting squat (I mean other than the personal satisfaction of kicking ass of course). so if you have any information it would be appreciated..I know a lot of you on here are from the states, but maybe youll be able to find more than I have been able to.
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    have you tried this web site?
    also there might be some scholarships offered by your university that you could apply for. and at my school if you are on the deans list you are automatically granted a 500$ bursary *i think it is 500$ anyways, so you might want to check into that. hope this gives you a little help
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